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Gary L. Burgess, Sr.
Official Campaign Announcement Speech ©
Seeking the Republican Nomination for the Office of State Superintendent of Education
South Carolina
The New Light Center
6321, Hwy 187, Anderson, South Carolina 29672
January 20, 2014
11:00 a.m.
-Below are excerpts from the speech, near the bottom of the page there is a download of the full speech.-
Thanks for visiting my website. The official kick-off for the campaign was inspirational. Seeing the overflow, diverse crowd moved me. The New Light Center in Anderson was the backdrop for my kick-off because it symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of all South Carolinians. The center, once a two-room school which educated African-American children, produced productive citizens who continue to work and contribute in all walks of life, as doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, custodians, cooks, lawmakers, parents, and business people. The New Light School had an expansive and inclusive curriculum, expecting the very best of the poorest child. The curriculum included the arts as well as French and Latin.
How did this occur at New Light? I am told, first hand by living alumni of the school, why they learned: 1. Teachers were allowed to teach. 2. All students were expected to learn. 3. The community expected them to achieve. 4. Society envisioned them doing better in the world than their parents. WOW! What radical thinking. We need such expectations today.
If you believe we need to take the shackles off teachers and allow them to teach, join me in this campaign. If you believe all students have the ability to achieve, fight with me for the children. If you believe the public needs to be educated about issues affecting education, help me spread the word. If you believe we should protect taxpayers, property owners and businesses in order to save the “goose that lays the golden egg” to finance education, support me in demanding that current tax dollars be repurposed to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning. If you believe education in South Carolina needs an unwavering fighter, help me become the next Superintendent of Education. 
I have had to fight intelligently throughout my life for success, to protect my character and maintain my integrity. I want to use my life’s experience as a son of South Carolina to ensure that roadblocks to teaching and learning are removed. Today our children are being taught in better schools, with more resources that at any other time in our history; however, many of them are learning less. Contemporary schooling -- buildings, technology, bell schedules, pacing guides, lesson plans and the myriad other rituals through which we put students and teachers -- is not the same as teaching and learning. Spending money on worthless projects does not equate to learning, and spending more money on worthless projects makes no sense at all. 
If you believe in our children, if you believe in our teachers, and if you believe in South Carolina, join me in this campaign. Vote for me, make a donation to my campaign, lend me your voice-- give me the opportunity to advocate for teaching and learning as the next Superintendent of Education of South Carolina. I will not cave in. I will not give up! I will use our unique heritage as South Carolinians to promote our unique future. Go to my donation page, , and make a donation.
God Bless you and may God bless South Carolina.
Gary Burgess


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